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Caroline PONS-DINNEWETH Solicitor / Attorney at law

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A lawyer to trust

Our law firm provides legal counsel and assists both foreign and French businesses and individuals.

French and international law

We have a wide experience in French law and jurisdiction.
English speaking French lawyer, Caroline Pons-Dinneweth was trained in the French legal system. Her expertise in French law and litigation enables her to resolve French disputes involving French or foreign clients.
Thanks to a solid practical knowledge of the English language and experience in international law, the law firm is also capable of responding to needs arising from international exchanges.
We benefit from an important network of foreign correspondents who are able to intervene in the resolution of international conflicts.

Advice and litigation

We counsel clients on their rights and obligations. We inform them about the legal options best adapted to their needs. Counsel also includes contract negotiation and the conclusion of transactions intended to end litigation; audit, the study and analysis of legal documents, the drafting of acts and the formation of companies.
As regards dispute, the office defends the interests of its clients in arbitration and French courts.
As such, we offer our clients a complete service in many fields.

Areas of expertise

Real estate and building Law

As regards realty acquisition, we safeguard the interests of our clients at the conclusion of the purchase or sale contract. We finalize the acts and formalities relating to the formation of companies in order to optimize the acquisition and the management of buildings and/or property. We are also qualified as regards leases and for any question relating to the conclusion, completion or the rupture of contracts.
Concerning building law, our law firm can also intervene in settlements relating to construction damage, involving the legal responsibility of the builders, the subcontractors and the insurance companies. We assist private individuals and professionals with out-of-court settlement and in actions taken to court, including legal expertise.

Labour law

Our law firm has particular expertise regarding labour law. We intervene in the drafting of work contracts and counsel in labour law (employing, expatriation, contract amendments and rupture). We negotiate and prepare transactions. As regards dispute, notably that linked to the rupture of a work contract, we assist our clients before specialized courts.

Persons and family law

Our law firm handles the settlement of litigation relative to divorce, post divorce and patrimonial disputes, as well as maintenance payments. We are also competent in all family issues.

Business Law

Our law firm counsels and assists both new and established companies. We intervene in the formation of companies, their hand-over or transmission and the reorganization of businesses.
We possess a wide knowledge in all fields relating to business law, notably in the conclusion of French and international contracts (distribution, franchise and other commercial agreements), competition law, as well as the settlement of litigation between tradesmen or businesses and their customers or suppliers.

Other areas of expertise

Contracts, liability, insurance.