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Caroline PONS-DINNEWETH Solicitor / Attorney at law

A personalized relationship

Efficiency and transparency

Choosing the right lawyer is important. Availability and communication are indispensable in ensuring the best legal counsel. Our partnership will be based on confidence which implies a personal, close and direct contact.


L’actualité juridique appelle souvent quelques précisions, commentaires, réactions, c’est ici que vous pourrez en prendre connaissance.


In addition, Caroline Pons-Dinneweth is a qualified mediator appointed by the Court of Appeal of Toulouse. She is a member of the Toulouse-Pyrenees Mediation Association and handles out-of-court mediations too.

What is mediation? Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process, based on the willingness and cooperation of the two parties. With the help of an independent and qualified (...)

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Who are we ?

Caroline Pons-Dinneweth BELVEDERE AVOCATS Law Firm is continuously improving the approach to client care. Located in a very dynamic area of the Toulouse entrepreneurship center, we are focusing (...)

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